This webpage is about my personal interest, these are sometimes widely varied.   I will try to keep the content to mainly to computers (both old and new) and cars (my personal cars).

I currently work as a network engineer, and have a collection of classic Apple II computers and a network of modern computers in my home  I will also spend a little time on the network that connects my modern computers together.  

Classic Computers

I have a small collection of Apple II computers, the links below have information on each of those computers.

Apple II Platinum Computers

  • AppIe IIe Platinum
    Customized Apple IIe Platinum production date of 25th week of 1993, one of the last IIe Platinums produced.  This machine was a spare from a school in New York.
  • Apple IIc Plus
    The last of the Apple IIc line the IIc Plus had a built in accelerator (4mhz) and a 3.5" drive (versus the standard 5.25" drive).
  • Apple IIgs Rom3
    The Apple IIgs was the last of the Apple II computers produced and the ROM3 was the last of that machine.  There was a later Prototype but they never made it into production.
  • Apple IIx
    This version of the Apple II never actually was produced, but I feel should have, I based my build on IIx that was mentioned in the book Sophistication & Simplicity by Steven Weyhrich

Modern Computers

My modern computer network consist of a little over a dozen computers, which is a bit of over kill for a home network, but I find it to be fun and interesting to try out different things.   Most of the machines are low power draw and dedicated to a single purpose.

Intel NUC Units

1U Rack Style Units

Laptop Machines

  • AppIe MacBook Air
    2015 Macbook Air with Intel i7 processor and 500Gb SSD drive.  Machine is setup to dual boot Mac OS X and Windows 9 Professional (default).   I use for field  / work as I can work with either system.