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Welcome to my personal Website

My name is Cooper, and this is my personal webpage, I will be using this page to host some of the things that I find interesting and to try to share information about things I have learned and worked on, some of the things that you will find here:  MINI Cooper, Digital Music Servers, Tube Audio, Computers and Networking.


It literally has been years since I updated my page and I am sure this is going to take some time so please feel free to check back from time to time.  I will try to transfer all the old information over also.

An interesting note this site is run on a very small 1U Server, with the following specs: Intel Atom Dual Core Processor, 4Gb Ram, & Dual Intel X25 SSD 160Gb Solid State Drives in a RAID 1.



Emma on the Dragon

2006 MINI Cooper S (automatic).

Myself, my Girl & my MINI on the Dragon. Deals Gap NC.